Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pygora Fiber

First use of pygora fiber from my flock!  Isn't Santa's beard lovely?  Here's the story:

This year I've been taking a painted floor cloth class at the Hill Institute here in Florence, Massachusetts.  Our instructor, Brenda, a talented and energetic woman, also quilts, weaves, and is a doll maker.  Since last fall she has been asking me to provide a sample of pygora goat locks for her to try for her doll-making.  I've really stalled in getting the accumulating pygora fiber put to use and/or ready for market.  I finally provided Brenda with some fiber earlier this month... and within a week this is what she created!

Santa Doll with pygora beard

Apologies for the pixelated quality... I need to learn more about editing and transferring the photos taken on my iPad and am also doing my blogging with a new Mac Mini.

If you would like to learn more about Brenda's work, she can be contacted at, with the AT replaced with the usual character.

I've been sorting through the pygora fleeces, skirting and dividing into piles to send off for de-hairing, washing and carding and piles of locks suitable for use as is.