Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weaving With Felt

Weaving with Felt

Just a quick look at a project I'm working on, weaving with felt strips and vintage rayon fabric gleaned from thrift shop finds.  This project will take time; I'll post more photos of little details here and there as I progress.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fantastic Felt Fulling Flop

A Basket of Flop

Actually, it was a prefelt fulling flop.  But I just love alliteration. I was hoping to full one of my prefelts in preparation for a project I want to undertake as a participant in Jude Hill's Contemporary Woven Boro online class.  I ran it through a full cycle in the washer.  I knew this prefelt was a little iffy because its route to the machine needlefelter at my processor was a bit circuitous.  I won't go into details here because this experience will be described in a prefelt fulling tutorial that I plan to write and post soon.

Here it is all spread out in its glory
Actually, I like it.  It fascinates me and I think there are little areas that will find their way into some project(s) eventually.

I didn't get a shot of this fiber before fulling, but here' s an identical piece un-fulled.

Prefelt, Pre-flop

And, by the way, here's one of my regular prefelts which has been fulled in the washer and is ready for my class project.

Fulled Prefelt

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Socks from Sojourner Design Yarn

My local customer who enjoys knitting with Meadow Muffins yarn has been at it again!  This time she used a more subtle combination of hues.  Just in case you haven't seen them, here's the shot of her first pair of socks with this yarn.

I'm hoping to see more work from this gal!  Also, notice the backgrounds.  The first socks were finished early last summer and laid out on lovely green grass.  The new socks ... done in December and resting on pristine Northampton snow.

Speaking of snow, here's a view of my sheep pressing in around the winter haylage feeder this morning as the snow was falling.

I've refreshed the Home Page of my website with a couple of photos taken this morning.  In fact, you'll find a number of changes and additions (such as the Prefelt page) there.  Here's one of the photos I added to that page:

I've added a few listings for carded wool to my Zibbet Shop... now I just need to figure out how to make all those Meadow Muffin hues available online!

Friday, January 7, 2011

SojournerDesign at

 Zibbet?  Zibbet?  What's that?  I didn't know myself until recently.  I stumbled upon when I had googled something or other and there I found a link to someone's shop on Zibbet carrying the item I was searching for.  I liked that.

Many fiber and handmade enthusiasts know about and use Etsy.  As an Etsy shop owner, I find the place very crowded.  And adding a listing to one's shop on Etsy really tried one's patience.  This is the year that I have to increase my presence on the web, so welcome to my Zibbet shop.

If you're reading this post in Google Reader, you're not seeing the button at the upper left hand side of my blog page for accessing my Zibbet shop because Google Reader cuts out all the stuff that appears along the sides of blogs.  So here's a button right in this post, just for you:

So far there's just one listing there.  But if you'd like to stock up on Angelina, hurry on over.

Zibbet.  Zippit.  Zibbet.  Ribbit.  Zibbet...