Friday, June 25, 2010

Studio Shots and a Question

These are just a few shots that I took the other day of some of my fiber around my studio.  I looked for spontaneous little corners of color that looked pretty without any special arranging.

Now, for those who have arrived here from Weavolution to respond to my question about where to find sectional hardware, here's the photo:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Wondering...

How is it that a pile of Stitchlets tossed together on the bottom step and waiting for a lift up to my studio looks so much better than any textile collage that I could create?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I am now offering one ounce "muffins" of my yarn in many many hues, with the hope that they will provide the fiber for my customers to create fabulous colorwork. A local knitter bought a half dozen or so muffins at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fair in Cummington Memorial Day weekend.

She's been knitting up some glorious socks and wanted to stop by my studio to see what other colors I can provide. We conversed about knitting and fiber while I wound off several muffins. She went away with a bagful and I came away inspired to spend the rest of the afternoon winding off more. I am so pleased to see this yarn being used so brilliantly!

She's wondering what she'll do once she's past the cuffs; I said, how about stripes? At any rate, if anyone wants to know more about her socks please send an e-mail to me at and leave a comment to share your feedback.

I took a big step this afternoon: I mailed in my vendor application for the Fiber Festival of New England. I had been planning to sit the first year out but have had a change of heart. The location for this event will be great: the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield MA. It will be held Saturday and Sunday, 6 and 7 November. Mark your calendar now! I'll have more details here as it gets closer to the date.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Excuses Excuses...

This post will consist only of excuses and pretty non-fiber photos.

Why haven't I posted?

(1) The main reason is the fact that I spent some time dealing with a family crisis... a parent one again. Things have settled down and are actually going quite beautifully now.

(2) The economic situation hasn't helped fiber sales and as a result I've been more interested in working with my fiber than selling it.

(3) I'd been getting annoyed with how difficult Blogger is to work with. I'd heard that Blogger has made improvements since my last post, but I still have to struggle to get my photos where I want them. And the published layout is radically different from what the editing mode shows. I may need to move to a different program.

(4) I've been re-thinking this blog. Obviously I'm not an avid blogger, yet I'm wondering if TWO blogs are called for.

One to let people know what I have available in the way of yarn, roving, "Nearly Felt", kits (eventually), my vending schedule, farm photos, and images of my own work with my fiber. That would be this one.

But it seems that a second blog is needed for me to share the things I'm doing with non- farm fiber... actually, not even wool. For instance, right now I'm working on creating a knotted shag mat with, of all things, POLYESTER from old clothes (not mine!) Eeeeeewwww! But as a hard core fiber snob I must say it's looking quite nice. The technique and the photo... a story for another blog.

The photos: shots from around my yard, taken this morning.
There, my blog is updated and even my web site is updated. But I didn't get my squash and my sunflower seeds in.