Thursday, July 31, 2014

Registered Pygora Buck and Companion For Sale

I have had some health issues which make it difficult to take good care of my livestock.  At this point they and I will benefit by finding a new home for them.  These are fiber goats; that means that even if you have no interest in using their fiber they will need to be shorn occasionally.  There are lots of other reasons to love these goats: their beauty, their entertainment value,  their manageable size, and their skill at keeping vegetation at bay. These goats love to munch on multiflora rose, bittersweet, poison ivy, and knotweed (bamboo).  Please note that the goats were shorn in June so their fleeces in the photos below are just beginning to have length and will be far more beautiful in a couple of months. 
Most of the goats have sold; my registered buck, Peppercorn and his pal are still available.

Here are the individuals:

Hawks Mountain Ranch Peppercorn  SOLD
Buck, Registration # 10-24M
Born 3/30/10
Color: Brown Agouti
Fleece: light brown B

Peppercorn has been a great buck.  He has a lovely fleece which he of course passes on to his offspring.  He is friendly and shows no agression whatsoever.  He's been a very easy buck to manage.

A Very Nice Boy
High % Boer Goat Wether
Born 2006

Somehow I never came up with a name that stuck for this guy.  He is Peppercorn's companion and is a very sweet guy.  He will not be sold before the others.

Sojourner Design 02  SOLD
Born 5/27/14
Fleece: Probably Brown B

Sire: Peppercorn
Dam: Lily

Hawks Mountain Ranch Lily  SOLD
Doe, Registration # 10-82F
Born 3/26/10
Color: Light Grey Agouti
Fleece: White B

Lily has the finest fleece of my does.  Yes, that's her chowing down happily on some Japanese knotweed!  She is a good mother and an easy-keeping goat.  She singled her first year and twinned her second and third years.

Sojourner Design 01 SOLD
Born 5/27/14
Color: Probably White
Fleece: Probably White B

This little girl is looking like she will be a beautiful doe with white ringlets.

Hawks Mountain Ranch Diane's Tina  SOLD
Doe, Registration # 10-81F
Born 3/25/14
Color: Light Grey Agouti
Fleece: Light Caramel A

Tina is the friendliest of the does.  When in full fleece she has lovely light grey ringlets; her fiber is ideal for dolls hair and beards embellishments in felt-making.  Tina singled her first year and twinned her second and third years.

Hawks Mountain Ranch Diane's Tulip SOLD
Doe, Registration # 10-83F
Born 4/13/10
Color: Light Grey Agouti
Fleece: Light Caramel A

Tulip singled her first year, twinned her second year and was not bred this year.  Again, helping keep the knotweed under control.

I would like to sell this herd together as a breeding herd.  Here are some alternatives:

The herd could be split into two smaller breeding herds with the buckling sold along with some non-related does.

I believe that the prices listed are fair but would listen to serious offers.

One or both bucks could be castrated at buyer's expense.

Please contact me here.