Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Throw from Local Wool for a Holiday Gift

Baaay State Blanket for sale
I'll mail it to your gift recipient!
The perfect gift; who doesn't need another throw to toss over a chair or to add a little more warmth on the bed on a cold winter night.  And the wool that was used to fashion these throws was shorn from Massachusetts sheep, including my own.  The wool was spun into yarn in a mill in central Massachusetts and woven in this state too.
An easy solution for gift giving

These throws are 60" by 45", have rounded corners and neat edges finished with a blanket stitch of the same wool.  They are brushed to raise a nice soft nap.  I've participated in similar blanket projects in the past; the design, softness and quality of this throw is by far my favorite.

All natural colors
You may pick up your throw by arrangement at my home in Florence; the price is $80.00 plus tax.  But here's the exciting part: for an additional $15.00 I will package and ship the throw anywhere in the United States... and your gift dilemma for that special someone will be solved.  If mailed to a location within Massachusetts, sales tax will apply.

All that blur in the foreground is soft nap!

If these prices are a little out of your budget I also have scarves, 60" long and 11" wide, woven from the same yarns in the same pattern and edge finished with a blanket stitch.  Just my opinion, but I think these are most suitable for men.  I like my scarves to be long and drapy so I can wrap them around my neck a few times in big lazy loops.  These scarves are more suitable for crossing once under a coat.  They'll do a great job of keeping a man's neck and chest warm.  Again, just my opinion!  These scarves are priced at $15.00 at my home in Florence, and if you'd like me to mail one for you the total is $25.00.

I've made it easy for you!
Finally, you can use your credit card to purchase your throw or scarf!

Please email me if you would like to order a throw or scarf.  Remove the space after the @ when you paste my address in to your message, and put Gift Order in your subject line.