Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pygora Kids Update

Lots of information about the kids and their parents has been added to the Pygora Goats for Sale Page.  There's still more to add: I want to say more about my herd in general, and to add helpful information about Pygora fiber and what the individual micron counts mean.

I always miss the best photo opportunities, but here's a keeper from this morning:

Kids and Tina 04-10-13

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pygora Babies

The babies started arriving 22 March.  Tina had a set of twins on that day, and Tulip delivered 23 March.  I had planned for kids to arrive late April/early May but my buck had different plans and his persistence paid off!  So far, it's all boys!  They have been disbudded already; neutering will be postponed.

Tina's Kids

It's likely that any kids that Lily produces will arrive on my schedule: late April/early May.  More details will appear on the Pygora Goats for Sale Page.

Tulip and Kids