Friday, January 7, 2011

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 Zibbet?  Zibbet?  What's that?  I didn't know myself until recently.  I stumbled upon when I had googled something or other and there I found a link to someone's shop on Zibbet carrying the item I was searching for.  I liked that.

Many fiber and handmade enthusiasts know about and use Etsy.  As an Etsy shop owner, I find the place very crowded.  And adding a listing to one's shop on Etsy really tried one's patience.  This is the year that I have to increase my presence on the web, so welcome to my Zibbet shop.

If you're reading this post in Google Reader, you're not seeing the button at the upper left hand side of my blog page for accessing my Zibbet shop because Google Reader cuts out all the stuff that appears along the sides of blogs.  So here's a button right in this post, just for you:

So far there's just one listing there.  But if you'd like to stock up on Angelina, hurry on over.

Zibbet.  Zippit.  Zibbet.  Ribbit.  Zibbet...

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