Monday, March 10, 2008

OK, this is one of the projects I've been working on lately: Evol-HUE-tion Yarn. Subtitled, Color Flowing Gracefully. Here is one of the skeins, dyed and wound into a center-pull ball so that the knitter can immediately start a pair using the two socks at a time method. Socks knit from this ball will begin with a magenta hue in the cuff or toe area that evolves through orange to a polite yellow hue around the instep, then back to magenta. More details about the yarn, as well as other colorways, on the Yarn page of my web site, here.

The sock, knit by Mary Alice Baker, is an example of a ball of Evol-HUE-tion with just one color change.

Two balls have sold since this post; there is one ball remaining of the Magenta/yellow colorway of Evol-HUE-tion yarn available at $25.00 per ball, and shipping will be free for the first Internet buyer.


melissaknits said...

I love the concept of this yarn!!

Susan Parks said...

Hi Diane

I am a friend of Diane from Dye and Wool works in Florence. It is great to see this blog up and running. I came here by way of the Yahoo sockyarnsales group.

Do you have a link to your etsy site?

Cheers, ~Susan

Sojourner Design said...

Hi Susan,

Great to hear from you; I love Diane's shop. I haven't activated the links from my web site yet because my Etsy shop is empty at the moment and I don't want anyone to go to the trouble of visiting to find nothing for sale.

I'll be putting up some items this weekend- a little at a time- and will activate the links then. In the meantime, here's the address: