Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Photos Than Words ... well, almost.

View from the bathroom:

View from the kitchen sink:

On assignment in the neighbors' back yard:

Helena would be so embarrassed if she knew I'd caught her with her eyes closed.

A couple of the youngest members:

Love the coloring on these two; notice the knees.


My latest Mary Alice roving (see a description of this method in my 04-20-09 post): hues of cantaloupe and watermelon with a bit of mink. One bag weighing in at 14.4 ounces; one slightly different in coloring at 8.4 ounces. $3.50 per ounce. These will go to the Fleece sale at WEBS in a couple of weeks; if you like it for yourself, just e-mail me.


Robbie Payne said...

Sojourner, glad you like my lino cuts (they're actually on speedball matt vs linoleum). Dijane is a WONDERFUL instructor. Side note...I love this pic 'view from the bathroom'! I can see a piece of fiber art in the making or a stamp perhaps! HA Thanks for your roving too!!

Pom Pom said...

I enjoyed looking at your sheep. You live in a lovely fiber-rich setting, don't you? The color of the wool is magnificent - like a Rainer cherry, a peach, or a plum. I just found your blog - very visually pleasing!


Your sheep are so funny, they made me smile :o)

Thanks so much for popping over to visit me and leaving a comment, it was lovely to hear from you!

Best wishes, Carolyn

Pom Pom said...

I am patiently waiting for more posts! I love your photographs!

Martha Lever said...

Oh the sheep are just precious. There is just something about those sweet faces that gets you every time!

The small dots are actually white paint that I splattered onto the painting by tapping the brush.

Yes, the class is ongoing and offered a

Morna said...

Your sheep are so beautiful ... you are living a life that interests me very much ... not sure I could do it, yet I've always been attracted to life on the farm. :)

Morna said...

Oops! Forgot to add - your roving is gorgeous - such subtle colors - very soothing. :)