Saturday, December 5, 2009

Loom for Sale SOLD

After a long, long, long period of indecision, I am offering my beautiful cherry Norwood loom for sale. Norwood looms are no longer built with cherry wood. This loom has a 40 inch weaving width, has eight shafts and ten treadles. The back beam is a sectional beam. Don't be put off by the sectional loom; if you're not interested in sectional warping it's easy enough to warp in the usual fashion. It comes with a matching Norwood cherry bench. The seat flips up for storage and there is a storage bin on each side of the bench. This gently-used loom is a great buy at $1500; I just want to pass it along to another weaver while I focus more closely on what I want to do with my weaving.

1 comment:

jude said...

a beauty, i just sold my old macomber....i have a smaller one, looms take up so much room and i just don;t use them like i used to.