Sunday, July 4, 2010

Farm Photos

I've been doing some fiber work this weekend, but as of yet there is nothing photo-ready.  So a few farm shots will have to suffice.  Here's a little garter snake with blue eyes that lives in the planter where the horseradish grows.  When I approached to take this photo there was another one with him; that one seems to be camera-shy.  The snakes can be found in this same spot each morning once the sun's rays arrive.  I think they're there to melt away the night's chill.

These sunflowers, blooming far earlier than I would have expected, are volunteers that have sprung up from last summer's seeds.  I love sunflowers; they're so goofy, and happy.  They attract lots of hungry birds and are charming to look at during the winter when snow piles up on the spent flowers.

I like this peachy-bronze one.  I also like the fact that with sunflower photos it's so easy to lose perspective.  This could be the alien sunflower that was peering through my window, ready to take over my studio.

The hens are enjoying their summer, sheltered by the travelling vacation home that my husband created for them.

And this was once a pop-up camper, converted to a utility trailer by someone.  We purchased it locally from a very nice man this morning.  Why?  In preparation for the arrival of...
I'm not telling right now.

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