Thursday, August 5, 2010

Socks! ... and prefelt.

Aren't they just beautiful?  I love what she did with the heels.  The local knitter who is kind enough to share photos of her items knitted with my Muffins has done it again!  And again I offer to put you in touch with her if you'd like more information about how she did it.  Except this time I think it would work out best if you send me your e-mail address directly instead of through a comment.  Contact me here.  But feel free to post a comment on the blog too; comments create the energy that fuels blogging activity!

Same knitter, another splendid treat:

Her next project using my Muffins: mittens!  Can't wait to see them!

About felt, and my Nearly Felt.  Since I posted my last entry which included some comments about what defines felt, my words have not set well with me.  I still believe that the definition of felt ought to be more inclusive... but there's no reason to be snarky about it.  I have edited that entry.

And I'm changing the name of this product.  On a recent foray to New England Felting Supply to buy felting needles I noticed that they now stock sheets of needle-felted wool prepared using the same method as my own.  They are hand-dyed and beautiful, softer to the touch than my own.  And they are called prefelt.  I think that if Chris White, the charming and talented owner of New England Felting Supply and author of the title, Uniquely Felt, calls them prefelt, then I will too.  There, that's settled.

I plan to add a few pages here with information about what's available for sale, relying less and less on the web site.  Right now I'm rather focused on spending what free time I have on the construction of an item that will be entered in the Needlework, Mixed Media category at the Creative Arts show at the Eastern States Exposition in September.  I won't post a photo here until it's on display at the Big E, but I'll share that it involves felt weaving, needlefelting, and embroidery.

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