Sunday, January 10, 2016

That Vest Project

Construction of the vest from my hand woven material started in September; it was my project for  a  course on weaving with hand wovens that I was taking at Hill Institute here in Florence MA.  The vest was mostly finished in November.  I must admit that I was closing up the lining and sewing on the buttons on Christmas Day, the first day I wore it!

I'm delighted with the results and love wearing it.  A black and white vest in a simple style gets to go out a lot!

Unfortunately I haven't been weaving the last couple of months.  My work has kept me quite busy during what is always a busy time of year.  I have though been working steadily at clearing out unused and underused equipment as well as readying fiber that is being consigned at Sheep and Shawl.  My Meadow Muffins sport weight yarn is also available at Sheep and Shawl.  It's a lovely shop, always a joy to visit.

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