Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something's Different...

This is Spike, my Silky Terrier, showing you some freshly-dyed roving destined to be barely spun into thick rag-like dreds and then woven into a rug. The colors I'm dyeing for this project are celadon (above), periwinkle, and a touch of yellow here and there. This rug is destined for a recently re-decorated guest bedroom; my goal is t eventually have almost every rug in the house handwoven. I'm so happy with this soft green-gray hue that as I write this blog entry I have two pounds of it in the dyepot to sell this spring.

An anonymous commenter asked me if Angelina can be wet-felted among the layers of wool when felting a table runner. Angelina can be incorporated into wet felting, but I would take care to be sure that it isn't buried so deep that it can't be seen. You could take a small amount of your wool and card some Angelina into that, then use it on the top layer. If you do this, you probably need to be using a wool that really felts easily such as merino wool. If you're reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about, read about Angelina here. I sell Angelina in my Etsy shop; that link is in the column on the right.

Here's another little stitchlet comleted one evening this week. I'd been thinking about incorporating beads into my felt embroidery, but decided to make my own! This bead was constructed of several layers of cardstock glued together and painted with acrylic paints and a touch of gold lumiere paint. I opted to use some card stock that had a little printing on it for a collage effect. A great use for old Christmas cards!

I've added a group of these felt vest blanks to my Etsy shop at a very reduced price because I want to clear out my inventory and make some room. Click on my Etsy link over on the right to get there!

So... why is this blog entry labeled "Something's Different? Take a look, below. Comments? Anyone?


margaret said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my "sweet" Little Gem quilt, Diane. Keep saving those shiny things, you never know when they'll come in useful!
Your lovely celadon hanks of wool bring to mind this art piece that's currently on show in London - I don't think she spun it herself, though -

J. Austin - said...

I love the stitched wool pieces. Enjoy the blog so much I'm nominating you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. More at:

Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne, I am desperate for some of that light reddish brown 05011907.
I n eed a romney or corriedale like fleece for faces- I am a needle felter. My faces are too dark to photo or pink or white. I really want a light brown! I can't find a contact email for you! Thanks, Stephanie- oh ps I would love raw fleece also, earth tones. Stephanie