Monday, September 27, 2010

Franklin County Fiber Twist...My Impressions

My Booth

What a gem of a fiber fair the Franklin County Fiber Twist has become!  I loved the venue this year, and hope we'll be there again.  Lots of space, an accoustically peaceful atmosphere, good lighting (well, alright Claudia, it was florescent lighting), close to Route 91, great food nearby...

Up Close

 The volunteer staff was excellent, helping me haul in stuff and even assisting in setting up my booth!

This fair was a feast for the eyes.  Here are a few of the booths that caught my eye:

Mill River Rugs
 This is Margaret Arraj from Mill River Rugs.  She hooks her rugs with yarn, a departure from the usual wool strips that most hook with.  Margaret was once my next door neightbor, when our daughters were babies.  My daughter will be 30 this Saturday!

Mill River Rugs
On to Diane Welter at The Wool & Dye Works, a favorite shop for fiber lovers.  Diane creates lovely hooked rug designs, available at her shop.

Wool & Dye Works

Wool & Dye Works


This is Angela Foote from FABRICFOOTE in New Hampshire.  No web site, but her e-mail address is fabricfoote(at)  She had so many delightful creations!

Here are Claudia Benoit and Linnie Dugas from Woolies of Shirkshire Farm.  I share a booth with them at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fair in Cummington, and every year their natural-dyed wool is better and better.  No web site; they can be reached at woolies(at)

Woolies of Shirkshire Farm

Kangaoo Dyer

Gail Callahan, the Kangaroo Dyer, and her husband had such lovely dyed yarn at the Fair.

All day I had the pleasure of looking at these happy things at the booth next to me.  So glad I had the opportunity to meet Nancy Dorian of now & ZEN!

now & ZEN

now & ZEN

Leyden Glen Farm

Finally, I caught up with Kristin Nicholas and a friend, and got to see those bright wool flowers she's been creating up close.

Spent the following day recovering and doing Absolutely Necessary Chores That Could Not Be Put Off and today started getting ready for  Fiber Fesival of New England.

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