Monday, October 4, 2010

But I Digress...

Lockerhooking with Pre-Felt Strips

When it comes to getting Off Topic, there are lots of directions that I could wander. My original intent was to share information and photos of my farm, my animals, and the fiber they give me as well as providing a platform for the reader to purchase Sojourner Design products. I’m dragging my feet terribly on that last one!

I have to admit that when visiting the numerous (298 as of today) blogs to which I subscribe, I scan right past the travel accounts, the family photos and the photos of kitty cats in the studio. That’s just my way of making the best use of my online time, and I’d like to respect my readers’ time by keeping that sort of stuff separate.

I also like it when bloggers share music, but I prefer to have the option of choosing whether to listen.

So here’s my plan: If I just can’t help myself and must go Off Topic, I will do so at the end of each post. I will place any Off Topic stuff against a different background and label it so that it’s easy to spot and read or ignore.

But I Digress...I’ll also be starting a second blog soon in which I document my activities with fiber that is not of animal origin. More on that later!

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