Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fiber Fest of New England is coming!

Border Leicester Cross Roving

And I need to apply myself diligently in preparing for it.  Please consider coming; more information about the event can be found here.  My booth is #255-W.  Here's how to locate it easily: after entering the Mallory building through the front door and proceeding straight to the larger space in that building, you will be walking along the widest, central aisle.  The Food Court will be immediately to your right.  My booth is along the third aisle to your right after going by the Food Court; it is a corner booth, the fifth one in from the center aisle.

This is will be my largest venue so far and I'm giving lots of thought to what I'll bring and how I'll display it.  Although there's plenty to do between now and 6 November, I can't wait!

The photo above is a new roving that I'll have at The Fiber Fest of New England.  I had actually dyed the colorway way back in May but hadn't gotten around to combining my colors.  It's another example of my Mary Alice series: four coordinating strands in each bundle.  The spinner may choose to blend them all together during the spinning process, or they may be spun separately or combined in any way the spinner chooses.  I like choices.

This roving will be sold in four ounce bundles with a total of two pounds available.  If you like it and are coming to the event, plan to stop by early if you want enough for a sweater.  I do have quite a bit of the muted brass hue left over and I'll have that available too.

Time for more photos of my Pygora goats!

Here are my three little girls: Tina, Tulip, and Lilly from left to right, anxiously awaiting their daily treat of cracked corn.  I am so fond of these goats, so glad I took a chance and added a new species here.

Tulip and Lilly diving into the corn.  Tina, the smallest, is a little shy and usually positions herself behind the other two.  Please note the yardstick behind Tulip; this gives you some idea of their size.

Here's Tina!


Anonymous said...

The goats are beautiful. Love the last picture of Tina. Are these goats always white. Is white convienent for dying.? Is the fiber slightly kinky ? Do the goats give you milk/cheese too ? See you at the Fair ! Pat K.

Sojourner Design said...

Hi Pat,
Great questions! No, the fiber of Pygora goats can be several colors and color patterns. Peppercorn, my buckling, is brownish-gray in color. The doelings appear white overall, but they have varying amounts of gray in their fiber too. About dyeing: as far as I'm concerned, I enjoy dyeing most fiber colors I find that overdyeing gray wool produces such rich tones; I'm assuming it will be the same with the Pyrora fiber.
Regarding fiber kinkyness: Depending on an individual goat's genetics, its fiber can range from mohair-like curls to cashmere. I don't think that any of the fiber is kinky in the way I think of kinky. There's certainly crimp in the cashmere type fiber, but the fibers are so fine that the crimp isn't real noticeable.
Milk: I understand that a Pygora doe will produce about a quart of milk per day. Not as abundant as a dairy goat, but certainly a nice amount.

jackie said...

Lovely colours in the Roving. Soy Wax washes out of fabric v. easily, especially on silk, where the fabric can just be dipped in hot water and the wax comes off. The expert is Jane Dunnewold, here is a link to her on You Tube using the wax.