Sunday, February 13, 2011

Felt Julehjerte Valentine

Felt Julehjerte Valentine

It is a custom in Denmark and Northern Germany for families to weave paper hearts together to create lovely Christmas ornaments.  Although I always think felt when I see a paper project that appeals, I have to admit that I was inspired to try one when I saw Jennifer Ackerman- Haywood's tutorial for creating Julehjerte valentine baskets on her CraftSanity blog.  Jennifer's and my hearts are simple; she crafts with her children and perhaps I'm stuck in my felting days as a child.  The felt used if from my own sheep, of course.  But depending how the hearts are cut the weaving can be quite exquisite when paper is used.  Happy Valentine's Day to my blog friends!  


Els said...

Lovely heart Diana! I was surprised no one in Jude's class came up with this woven heart ???
I'm very curious about how you continue your felt / fabric weave.... Are you going to embroider on it too ?
(I'm embroidering on some small felts right now.. (my blog) and have a bit of a time-out of the weaving at the moment ;-)Will return soon)

Sojourner Design said...

Hi Els,
Glad you like my heart! Yes, I do intend to do some embroidering on the felt and fabric piece in my last post. I've been saving it up to take to a retreat for spinners and knitters that I go to each year with friends: four days in Freeport Maine with hundreds of other fiber people! I'm not much of a knitter and can't fit a wheel into the car with three other women and their baggage... so I'll work on what I prefer to do anyway!