Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a Little More Embroidery on Felt

Prefelt, embroidered

This was a circle of prefelt that I had sort of spatter-dyed with multiple colors.  At first I tried stitches that encircled various areas of color but didn't care for the effect.  I decided to superimpose a stitch pattern over the dye pattern (I love the concept of one pattern over another) and like the effects much more.  My stitches followed wavy paths; the waves are a little hard to detect but I like it anyway.  The stitch pattern would have shown up better if I'd used a backstitch instead of a running stitch.  I also wish I had fulled this piece of prefelt before stitching.  It's too spongey.  But I do love the texture!


linda said...

had to come over and see your sheep. love your stitching on the felt. it must be wonderful to hold.

fibresofbeing said...

Very lovely! You get great colours and textures. Viewing all your photos has me looking at my at my carder and bins of wool and thinking I could slip some felting in before the next weaving project... maybe...
Thanks for your comment on my blog. It got stuck in the spam filter, but all is well now.