Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Spinning Enthusiast

There was a mixture of rain and snow overnight; there's now a thin crust over everything. Not thick enough to support Bud, but my Silky Terrier Spike was able to slip and slide over the top of the "wintery mix." As I stepped out to the woodshed there was a drizzly sort of mist. The dogs were wet enough to need a quick tour with the towel, something they always happily volunteer for (the trick is to get to them with the towel before they shake a spray of droplets over everything.) A good day to not be out on the roads. A good fiber day.

Last night the Parallel Plyers, our local spinning group got together. For some reason my fob wasn't working and I was unable to get us into our regular meeting place at WEBS. We decided to reconvene at my home where Bud and Spike had a most splendid time "working the room."

Bud settled in for awhile cozied up against Deanna Moore. Apologies for the dark photos; the lighting in my living room is terrible. I need to work on that issue. Deanna didn't get much spinning done because both dogs succeeded in enticing her into playing their various games with them. She didn't seem to mind!

Which way should I turn the wheel? Can this thing go any faster? I plan to have a sweater knit by the end of the evening, just as any respectable Border Collie would.


Thank you Hippopip for your good wishes for 2009! Hope your year has started off on the right foot :)

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Rayna said...

Your yarn is gorgeous -- too bad I can no longer knit due to shoulder problems. And I love looking at your sheep and pix of your farm. I went to college in South Hadley; you are lucky to live in the beautiful Connecticut Valley!

You're right about the low-key (putting it politely) exhibit space for the art. But we keep fingers x'd that somebody in that elegant building needs art for their office.