Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stitch Explorer

I'm participating in the Stitch Explorer challenge over on Sharon Bogan's blog, Pin Tangle. Each month Sharon will be posting information about an unusual stitch or style of embroidery. She provides guidance and links to other sources of information about the stitch. Sharon challenges participants to try the technique, modifying it with their own ideas.

This month's challenge is "Chicken Scratch," described as a combination of simple cross stitches and a lacing technique. As always I'm partial to
wool yarn on felt (from my sheep of course). Chicken Scratch is often worked on gingham; I chose work my own version of gingham by couching contrasting squares onto the background with the embroidery stitches themselves. I'm pleased with my sample (6 x 6); the photo doesn't really capture the texture. Lots of fun, so many possible variations!

Temperatures are predicted to be below zero in the morning, without taking wind chill into consideration. We're ready!


Thanks for stopping by, Elis. Her great blog, Into the Blystic, documents every few days another of her abstract paintings. I really enjoy seeing them, and lately she has started commenting on her technique. I think that enjoying another art medium helps me to be more creative in my own.


quietermoments said...

I love your ground for the chicken scratch work. What a great idea. It's the kind of thing that when I see it, makes me wish I could reach right out and touch it.


Helen Conway said...

Oh what a clever and pretty variation.

JaneO said...

Hi, just followed the link from Stitch Explorer - I like your variation of chicken scratch.

Anonymous said...

I love that you put it on felt. I also love to felt (unfortunately, I have to go and buy my roving!). When I first saw the stitch, I thought "how traditional", but now I am beginning to see that it really isn't! I like yours a lot.